General Words About General Things

When all your posts start off as “I know it’s been awhile…”, it’s probably time to give up the whole blogging thing. Too bad, not giving up on it quite yet! Lots of stuff going on here though, some things I can talk about, some things I don’t have quite enough information on to talk about yet. Our lease is ending at our current apartment in a few short months, and we’re pretty dead set on moving to some place else. We rushed into our current apartment in our move from St. Louis, and now we’ve had a year to learn a bit more about the city. Now we can take a couple of months, and really pick out the place that’s best for us. Plus now we have some idea of what neighborhoods are good, which suck, and how to get around the city. Obviously, moving sucks though, but at least we don’t have an entire house full of crap to move this time.

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged in awhile is I’m on a bit of a programming drought. DjTracker sort of hit a wall when I realized I specifically didn’t have a real use for it. I was hoping to some degree that I could get my office to switch issue trackers to something more usable and sane, but that wasn’t met with a whole lot of interest. No biggie really, their current issue tracker is working out great for someone, so I suppose that’s all that matters. Once I didn’t have a use for it though, I didn’t really know what else to do with it. YaBa’s been ‘done’ for awhile for a variety of reasons. Then I couldn’t really think of something else that I wanted/needed to develop.

Meanwhile at work, I’ve mainly been doing more maintenance on older applications, or making just some small simple stuff. Some if it’s been cool, no doubt, just nothing groundbreaking or even lengthy really. I’m supposed to blog for them on ChicagoDjango, but given that I’ve done so little actual Django work lately it’s been difficult. I keep hoping we’ll get some new customer that wants to do something that’s just wicked awesome. Ah well, we’re still getting customers at least, I have a job, and I do get to make some Django applications on occasion. I’d just like to have a challenge or two thrown my way in the near future to spur some inspiration on my end.

On the upside, since we haven’t had a ton of work lately I’ve been able to learn a bunch more javascript than I previously knew. Normally, when everything’s in full swing, we have a UI guy that does most of the design and javascript, so us Python developers can plug away on the backend stuff. Since we’ve had more time lately, on the last couple of small Django applications that we’ve had I’ve been able to do the javascript myself instead. Nothing exceptionally fancy, but I’m more comfortable with it now than I have been in the past. That’s a plus there. Again, just wish there was *more* to do. We’ve been down a programmer most of this month, and I still haven’t felt actually busy. I think I miss that aspect of Contegix sometimes, where I was always busy. It certainly makes you feel more important, or at least relevant.

Anyways, it’s a fairly pretty day here in Chicago, if not just a bit on the cold side. Kristie and I are currently at Winston’s drinking some coffee. Time to plan out the rest of our day!