More Changes

So once upon a time I had a Wordpress blog, then I had my own hosted Wordpress blog. Then I wrote my own blog engine, and hosted it myself. Now I’m moving on to using Blogger for my blog purposes. There’s a couple reasons behind this, most of them even being sane reasons. First off, I really don’t blog that much. I was paying for a VPS at Linode, which worked great so nothing against them, but it just never seem justified by how little I actually used the VPS.

Secondly, I’m going to PyCon soon, and I hope to blog a bunch and take a bunch of pictures. YaBa was/is great, especially if you want to integrate a blog application into a larger site, but it was a bit much for what I needed. Plus I was never completely satisfied with the gallery stuff I created. Now I plan on using Flickr, or something of that nature, for my photo hosting needs. Hell, maybe I’ll even use Facebook if I have to, who knows.

Oh, and there’s one other reason, this blog I feel looks a bit more professional. I’ve never been too shy about the fact that my design skills are not my strong point. It’s weird. I mostly understand CSS, HTML, and javascript, but I’m completely inept at using them to make something appealing to the eye. Art just isn’t my thing, and likely never will be I guess. I’m mostly alright with that I think though. I’d rather be handling scaling issues, developing quicker algorithms, or tackling troubling problems rather than making something pretty. The unfortunate side effect of that is that if something isn’t pretty nobody cares :).

Anyways, I’m pretty excited about PyCon. I believe Imaginary Landscape will have a booth there, so you’ll likely see me around the booth. Of course, I’ll be trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible from the various talks going on. The schedule is just about perfect for me, so I don’t have to make any Sophie’s Choice style choices on which talks to attend. Hope to run into some people I talk with online and the likes while I’m there. More than anything I hope to soak up a bunch of knowledge from people way smarter than me!