Yaba Release 0.2

I’ve decided to package up a new version of YaBa and arbitrarily call it a new version, donning it a shiny 0.2. It felt like a pretty good stopping point as I cleared all of my TODO sections, and also added the ability for themes, archives, and improved the search capabilities along the way. The major improvement in this version is the blurring of lines between stories, galleries, and articles. All three can show up in search results, archives, tag lists, and category lists. Galleries also show up on the front page as new items as well. Hence navigation of the fringe items becomes a bit easier with this release. 

Now if you’re currently using 0.1 of YaBa (which I don’t think anyone is currently), upgrading can be a bit tricky. I’d recommend starting up 0.2 with a new database, and dumping your 0.1 database straight into the new one. Then you should be ready to roll with all the new features and such. You might be able to get away with just putting the 0.2 files in place, running syncdb, and going on about your merry little way but I wouldn’t bank on it. If you do have any issues, please email me though. I’d be glad to help out in getting you upgraded to the newest version. Anyways, without further ado: Download version 0.2 of django-yaba!

For more information on YaBa, please see the project page.