End of an Era

Those close to me are already aware of what I’m about to post, so this mainly goes out to my friends and family that haven’t quite yet caught the news. I’ll soon be leaving the city of St. Louis, and thus the state of Missouri in search of bigger, and better things. I don’t think this really comes as any major surprise to those that follow me closely though. I’ve been putting in more time development wise on personal projects, and trying my best to sharpen my development chops. Other kids dreamed of growing up to be fireman, baseball players, movie stars, and so on, but as a kid none of that seemed to really fit me. As time went on, I realized I wanted to someday be a developer, and I’m now seizing that opportunity. It’s been years of hard work trying to finish school while carrying full time jobs, and then post-school, preventing my skills from becoming dull by not immediately jumping into a development field.

It’s all finally paid off for me though, and I’ve received an opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up. It’s unfortunate that St. Louis is sort of a crappy town when it comes to development related jobs though. It would have obviously been a lot easier to stay in my stomping grounds of the STL, and expand my career here in my pseudo-hometown (grew up outside of St. Louis, but nearby). Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of hip and cool companies that want to leverage newer technology like Django, Python, and so on. If I wanted to be a Java or PHP developer, I probably could have pulled that off here, but I was in a unique situation. I wasn’t unhappy with my job at Contegix, and didn’t really *have* to jump ship. Hence, I was able to cherry pick a new position at a new company as I saw fit. That’s why I only applied for dream job style scenarios, and to my surprise it panned out in the end. I guess if you keep your chin up, work hard, do the right thing, that eventually it all pays off in the end. 

Obviously, I’ll be leaving a lot of friends and family behind, and that sucks. It really does. I’m going to end up a significant distance from my parents, my sister, and then of course all my friends at Contegix. Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out so I can visit on occasion, and keep in touch in some way. In the end, all of this is a necessary evil of chasing my dreams, and going after what I’m passionate about. It’s unfortunate that chasing my goals has collateral damage, but nothing in life is free nor easy. I hope those close to me understand that, and support me in my endeavors. I know it’s hard for them too, but we’ll figure something out. Oh yeah, I haven’t really mentioned *where* I’m going have I? I’ll cover that in another post, since I kind of want to touch on other topics first…

So, Contegix, it’s been a fun trip. I’ve learned so much during my tenure with Contegix, and met a bunch amazing people in the form of co-workers and customers. I met a ton of people at the Atlassian Summit that I worked with on a day to day basis via e-mail, and got to put faces to a lot of names. It was an amazing trip, that I feel sort of guilty for going on now given the current circumstances. That aside though, it really affirmed my desire to dig deep and drive for my personal goals. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some pretty stellar co-workers who continue to amaze me day in and day out with their intelligence and determination. I really can’t thank Contegix enough for taking me under their wing, and letting me grow into a pretty good sys-admin. They’ve done nothing but foster my creativity, and allow me to grow as an individual expanding my toolset exponentially along the way. Sure we’ve had our differences at times, and it hasn’t always been peaches and cream. That’s any company, and this company typically handled situations with grace and upstanding character. They’re obviously the best Linux based web host money can buy, but they’re a damn good employer too. So, thank you to Contegix.

I’ll be posting more in the near future about where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, etc etc, but I mainly wanted to get this out for now so the family members that follow me via my blog can be brought up to date. Anyways, e-mail me, hit me up on Twitter, or on Facebook if you’d like to get my non-Contegix email address for keeping in touch with me down the road.