First Real YaBa Release

After some six hours of banging away at the code today, I finally have django-yaba to a point where I feel comfortable “releasing” it. It’s always been open source, and open to anyone’s inspection, granted. However, I’ve never said “hey, go install this blogging application, you just might like it”, mainly because I felt it needed more time in the oven. Now it’s to a point where it’s stable, runs fairly lean, and has all the core features I feel a blogging application should have in order to be deemed ready for public consumption. The main features that I’ve been able to get in place over the past week includes the Gallery functonality, and the install script. There’s been an array of bug fixes, template tweaks, and clean up along the way though.

In regards to the Gallery features, I’ve put my first gallery up in place just a bit ago. It has some pictures from the trip to the Atlassian Summit in San Francsisco. You can check it out here, and I’ll be adding more pictures to it later on as well. For now I just wanted to make sure it actually works. You can also get a gallery listing via this link, which I’ve conveniently placed a button for on the top navigation bar for easy access. Anyways, a LOT more details on YaBa can be found at it’s project page, along with the download link for the application as well. If you’re looking for a blogging application, and don’t want to use WordPress, give it a shot. You just might like it :) Feel free to contact me with any bugs, feature requests, or just random comments. In fact, you can just leave your comments… in the comments section below. It’s crafty like that.