Current Projects

Wow, I’ve been on this marathon stint at work to help cover some vacations and the like, but it’s nearly over! After today I have myself a 4 day weekend that I’ll be over-enjoying in all likelihood. I’m having myself a little birthday party on Saturday (yes, I will be drunk), but other than that the weekend’s just how I like it, wiiiiide open. There’s a laundry list of things I’d like to do, and I won’t

get them all done, but hopefully I get cracking on at least a few of them. So far, here’s what I have lined up:

My main project at the moment is working on django_yaba. It’s an incredibly unoriginal name (django-YetAnotherBlogApplication), and an incredibly unoriginal idea. However, I still haven’t found a blog engine built with Django that matches most of the functionality that I had, and loved, with Wordpress. I don’t really want to go back to the bloatware that is Wordpress, nor do I want to deal with all of it’s security issues. However, finding something that suits all my needs was problematic, so I’ve opted to write my own. In traditional fashion, it’ll be open source, extensible, and very easy to install. You can get more details at the link previously provided, but in a nutshell:

  • Easy to Install - BASH script will be included to handle the installation. CAKE! Easier than the famed “5 minute Wordpress Install”. Sure, it only takes 5 minutes, but you have to do it. Mine you won’t. (mostly)
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Blog roll
  • Pages (different than posts)
  • Comments
  • Twitter and Github support
  • Automagic social media linking

Now I know that’s mainly just a list of Wordpress features, and honestly, if you want to complain about that you hadn’t read my previous paragraph. I know it’s not original, but, it’s mine, k? I am looking for a new name for the project though, so if you have any thoughts, I’m all ears. Until then, “django_yaba” sticks. Oh, you can check out the work in progress at New f4ntasmic studios (UPDATE: You’re looking at YaBa now). I just updated it to the latest GitHub commit today. Still a lot of work to be done…

Another project I have waiting in the wings is to leverage my code from Confluence Remote Manager to make a sister project for JIRA. The remote APIs are fairly similar, and I can quickly wrap the JIRA API in Python as well. I recently started playing with it’s API for a project Contegix is preparing for the upcoming Atlassian Summit (see sidebar). In a twist, I’ll probably not mess with the GTK/GUI aspect of things. I’m actually thinking about playing with curses, and making it all command line based. It’s for sysadmin stuff, not for Bob the Developer to edit his JIRA issues anyways. Besides, that GTK app was a lot of work, with very little return. If there was a clamoring for the application, maybe I’d go the extra mile, but only maybe.

Lastly, I’m thinking about wrapping Pylot in a webapp, so you can do load tests from a remote location. For instance, you could set it up on a server you have in-house, go through a simple form, and fire off a load test against one of your servers. Then you could view the results right there in your browser, and not have to worry about installing any pesky dependencies on your local box. I might need to look around to make sure nobody has beaten me to the punch though. If someone already has an open source project of that ilk running, I might just contribute to that instead.

Anyways, also working on brushing up my design skills as well. Hence, you might see random site design changes here. Sorry, but, this is my home, and I will redecorate it as I see fit. Time to get ready for work though, and end this marathon.