All Quiet on Some Front

I think it’s the western front, but I really can’t remember the quote/name of the movie or wherever that line came from exactly. Does remind me though… How do you determine what the western or eastern front is in a fully global war? Is a war with Japan the eastern front until they encroach enough to officially be on the western side of a flat map? Wait, I think I had things I actually wanted to talk about, and this whole front thing is just a distraction. Which reminds me, I’ve been using the term ‘red herring’ a lot lately (and correctly I might add). Wonder what that’s all about. Shit, I’m doing it again…

So yeah, a lot of things going on lately. New people at work, new customers, but not really anything Earth shattering in regards to new tech, or crazy fun stuff to play with really. I think 1st and 3rd shifts get all the fun tickets because it seems like I mainly get the “Oh crap” tickets. Not that I don’t like those, or that they aren’t valid tickets, because they are. I just don’t get too many “fun” curve balls anymore. I still get curve balls, but not of the fun variety lately. Then again, April’s always a bad month for me. My birthday’s in May, and I always try to have something cool planned for that. Then on top of that it seems like cool things occur in May. For instance, I should be going to San Francisco for that Atlassian Summit. We might also have our new offices finished in May as well. I suppose the excitement of May just makes April a chore to push through.

In regards to the Atlassian Summit though I’m pretty excited. I’ll be giving a presentation there about an internal project I participated in to automate documentation of servers. At least, that’s the game plan. The presentation’s supposed to be like 20 minutes long though, and honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve done anything interesting enough in my life to talk about for 20 full minutes. I’m going try to make it happen though, because the project is pretty sweet. Magically having documentation for some 500 servers without lifting a finger is sweet. It’s helped billing, sales, and support in the end, so it’s been a well received project thus far. Anyways, I don’t have a segue (btw, whoever decided that’s how that word should be spelt, I hope your dead, and the death was painful) to my next topic really… so I guess, we’ll just jump to the next topic or something. Alright, let’s go.

I’ve been working on another site built with Django lately. It’s not quite finished, and still needs a bit more work before I share it with the world though. All I can say thus far is that it’s my answer to the problem of people getting fired via Twitter. I’m fairly excited about it mainly due to the fact that I learned significantly more about Django with this application than I did with my blog. My blog here is nice, but I cheated in some aspects to get it up and running the way I wanted. Going in now to add new features and such is a bit more painful due to some silly moves I made in hammering this out. Most of my silliness has been in the templates at least, so I haven’t made a mockery of proper database design or anything crazy. The next aspect of the new site I want to work on is leveraging caching with memcached. It won’t really be necessary for this site (I can only dream it’d be busy enough to warrant it), but it’s something I’ll need to learn someday.

Anyways, that pretty much sums it up for this post. Nothing too interesting or fancy I guess. I do plan on dropping some more Python tutorials at some point, but I’m still working on them. I’d kinda like to open source and explain the Deployment Django app that I previously blogged about, but I think licenses firmly remove that option. Not sure… Besides, I’d have to finish the application in order to do that anyways, and I haven’t found hardly anytime at work to actually dig into it. Ah well, another scrapped project frollicks in the dust :)