The Road Too Often Travelled

Been awhile since I really wrote anything “meaningful” or personal. Thought now might be a decent time. Corny title, I know, but I like it, so deal.

I’ve been self reflecting a lot as of late. Not too terribly sure why, but it’s felt rather good to be honest. I can’t say that most of my life it’s really felt all that great to look back and reflect upon myself. I did some stupid crap when I was younger that I wasn’t especially proud of, and I wasted a good chunk of my youth in the process. I can practically hear it now though: “You accomplished so much despite the adversary you faced”. Sure, I was in some tough situations that would suck a lot of people down deeper, down dirtier roads, put most of those bad situations were my own doing. I had Easy Street in front of my face for most of my childhood yet I always seemed to try to take the hardest path I could for no apparent reason. Maybe I was tired of being the ‘smart kid’, the ‘good kid’, or the just plain ‘average kid’. Ultimately, I decided the forks to turn at, and when to make U-turns back to Easy Street. Twas my own doing.

Now I find myself cruising down Easy Street again, fighting the good fight so to speak. It’s honestly all a bit weird, and I’ve never really been able to understand why. This road’s nice and straight, and seems to carry on for just about forever. It’s like cruising at 70MPH down the highway without another car on the road. Nothing but good times with my wife beside me with good music on the radio. Yet I can’t help but be mildly tempted by all the exits we pass along the way. I’m on Easy Street, why on Earth would you hop off of a street with such a pleasant name. I’ve never really been one to take too many risks in life. I generally play the straight and narrow, and it’s frustrating at times. Without risk there isn’t a reward, and if you never stop the car you never get to soak in the scenery around you.

I just can’t help but think I have some choices to make in life in regards to what I want to do with it. Do I keep cruising down Easy Street? Should I take a detour down one of life’s many exits? I believe it’s been said before, but I’m not sure by whom.. The twists and turns in the road of life are often our defining moments, where we make the most crucial decisions that either make us or break us. It’s how you handle the bumps, the twists, and the turns that define you. At the end of the day, I feel like a Swiss Army Knife that too often only gets used to open cans.