Current Projects:


You’re currently looking at it. The premise of this blog application is for people to be able to have a decent option for blogging that’s not as bloated as Wordpress or MovableType. I’ve searched and I’ve searched, but finding a decent, full featured, blog appliction written in Python (with or without Django) that covers the majority of

what WP does just doesn’t seem to exist. Django-Yaba seeks out to resolve the gaping hole. Will it ever actually fill it completely? Who knows, but I’ll have fun in the meantime.

Status: In progress

JIRA Remote Manager:

Much like Confluence Remote Manager, this will instead wrap the JIRA Remote API. For those not in the know, JIRA is a bug tracking software application from Atlassian. I don’t plan on wrapping this with pyGTK this time around, and instead intend to keep things simple. I’m just going to build a simple command line tool to do the job. If there’s a clamoring for some form of GUI, maybe, but I’m not sure. Building the GUI, ugly as it was, for CRM was painful.

Status: Concept/Prototyping


This is an application I built using Python and Django. The premise was based around an article I read, where people were tweeting stupid things on Twitter, and getting fired for it. Note to all you people out there, if your boss follows you on Twitter, don’t make fun of him on Twitter. He’ll probably notice, just a thought. Anyways, HOYJ was built as an anonymous place for people to hate on their job, without worrying about getting canned. The design was done by my friend Mike at The Able Few. He did an amazing job on it!

Status: Beta

Past Projects:

Confluence Remote Manager:

This was an application I built with Python and pyGTK to wrap up the majority of Confluence’s remote API. You can manage users, content, and search your Wiki all without ever opening a browser. Makes a great troubleshooting tool for those times you break a page, and it can’t render anymore. Just load the markup via XMLRPC, and undo whatever nastiness you did! Also great for bulk adding users via CSV.

Status: Complete (enough)