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Hey, my name’s Mark, but I often go by ‘f4nt’ in the online world. It’s a really long story, so to cut it short, I used to really like a band name ‘fantomas’. However, I was like 13 or 14 at the time, and thought l33t speak was freaking awesome. I was also lazy, and thought fantomas was far too long of a name, so I changed it to f4nt. Then after a few years of using it, and working at PlanetQuake where people got to know my name a bit, I was stuck with it.

Anyways, I’m a recent graduate of Westwood College Online, with a bachelors in Game Development and Software Programming. Oddly, you’d think with a degree like that I’d be avidly into game development right now, but on the contrary, I’m more into more ‘boring’ development lately. The Confluence Remote Manager is my latest project that I’ve been working on for instance. Wiki management via RPC doesn’t sound quite as exciting as 3D game development, but oddly, it really is. I think I’d rather be a general programmer that develops small applications to fit small needs, rather than a niche developer for entertainment purposes. Call it philisophical if you will. Besides, I get to share as a ‘boring’ programmer, where everything in game development is locked up in proprietary code, patents, and NDAs.


I’ve been happily married to my wife Kristie for approximately 4 years now. I honestly would be ridiculously lost without her. I’d likely not have the job I do today, or the skills I have without her shoving me forward constantly. It’s been a crazy trip so far, and I can only hope it goes on forever (or until she kicks it, and I remarry with some 18 year old, and buy myself a red convertible.. mid-life crisis ftw :)). Also we have 2 adorable cats, because kids take longer to potty train.


I recently workd for Contegix,who provides manage Linux dedicated hosting. I had the position of ‘shift lead’ over the other engineers. I was there for over a year and really enjoyed the work I did there. I was able to help customers with complex problems, developer solutions, write programs, create scripts, automate tasks, and play with cool tech all the time.

Now I work for Imaginary Landscape, which is a Python based web development company that mainly focuses on Django based applications. I moved from St. Louis up to Chicago in order to take on this job. At the time of this writing I’ve been with them for about a week, and it’s been pretty amazing so far. It’s my first real development job, so there’s a helluva lot for me to take in still. That and I’m still getting acclimated to the city as well.

For more information, see my resume.

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  • Personal Email: f4nt AT f4ntasmic DOT com
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