I’m originally born and raised in the “Greater” St. Louis area, but transplanted to Chicago in 2009. I make my living currently as a Python/Django developer with Analyte Health, a health care focused startup. During my career I’ve actually worked for a few startup like companies, and as such have worn quite a few different hats. Thanks to that, I have a strong system administration background, along with passable UI skills to go along with my more traditional back end programming talents. Some of my favorite technical interests are:

  • Asynchronous programming (Especially working with Celery and RabbitMQ)
  • Android development
  • Natural language processing (NLTK is endless fun)
  • Learning new languages
  • Linux system administration and planning

Technology doesn’t completely define me though. I’d be nowhere if not for my amazing wife, Kristie. We’ve been married since 2004, so I think we have this whole marriage thing down pat at this point. We’re practically pros! Seriously though, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to Chicago and experience this amazing city, while advancing my career if it wasn’t for her. Oh, and of course I can’t forget my cats:

Butters is our “tuxedo” cat (she’s black and white) and tends to be the crazy one. She’s not exactly a social butterfly, but she does love to run around the house like an insane person when she’s not busy hoarding random items under the couch. Our other, much plumper cat, is Charlie (or Charles, or Chuck, or…). When people complain that they don’t like cats because they’re anti-social, I introduce them to Charlie. By the end of the evening, they’re so sick of him that they never think of saying that again.

Other than that, I’m also a huge soccer fan. I follow MLS to the point that one might call it an addiction, with obviously the Chicago Fire being my favorite team. Along with that though, I do keep up to date on the EPL, generally watching 2-3 games week. Time permitting after I’ve gone through the important MLS and EPL games of the week, I work my way through the Bundesliga highlights. Finally, I’m a pretty avid gamer which currently results in me playing a lot of FIFA (yay more soccer), Skyrim, and Borderlands (cooperatively with the wife, possibly the best co-op game ever).

If all of this isn’t enough information about me, feel free to further stalk me on any of these sites: